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Freequently Asked Questions

Can I get an estimate on a job before it's done?

Yes of course you can. Plumbers Reading is dedicated to giving our customers a quote before any work begins.

Our Bathroom sink is draining very slowly

The best remedies for unplugging a stopped up bathroom sink drain would be using an electric snake machine. Your blockage is usually hair, dirt, and grease.

How Long do Water Heaters Last?

A water heater could last you anywhere between 5-13 years depending on usage and maintenance.

What Temperature Should I set My Water Heater At?

It is recommended to keep the temperature of your water heater at 120 degrees Fahrenheit, a typical manufacturers default setting.

Smells Coming From Shower

Unused showers can sometimes emit an odor. To solve this, turn on your shower for a few minutes to refill your P Trap. This will solve the smelly odors coming from unused showers.

Dripping Taps

Check the aerator on your tap. The aerator is the little wire mesh filter on the opening  of your tap. The aerator helps conserve water and improves water pressure. Your taps could have worn out rubber seals, washers, or O-rings.

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